Football betting in Ireland explained

Football betting in Ireland explained

Sport is a massive part of life around Ireland and an activity plenty of people in the country love to get involved with. While rugby, boxing and horse racing may all be popular, football is also a headline grabbing activity.

This is not only down the local domestic competitions there are to follow, such as the League of Ireland Premier Division, but also the best leagues in world football to track, such as the English Premier League. When you also consider exciting tournaments such as the World Cup or UEFA Champions League to keep tabs on, it is easy to see why this sport is a hit with Irish fans.

Football betting around Ireland
In the same way that sport is something many Irish people like to get involved with, lots of football fans around the country like to bet on matches. Irish supporters frequently place wagers on the latest games which are happening each week to add more interest to following the sport through gambling on it. Of course, it is essential to know what you are doing first though, and our guide below helps you to do just that.

Here is some key information to be aware of before diving into Irish football gambling:

Where you bet on football is crucial
One of the first things to take on board is how important where you bet on football is. Although the many different sportsbooks which accept Irish gamblers may look the same, they are in fact very different. This makes doing some research and only registering with the most popular sports betting sites in Ireland in 2023 a must.

By doing this, you will be betting at a reputable, regulated online bookie in the country who treats their customers fairly. You will also ensure the bookmaker uses the latest online security measures to keep your money and personal information safe. Taking the time to find the top Irish bookies to bet on football with also means you will find a platform with top odds, lots of football markets to check out and all the biggest games, leagues and competitions to gamble on.

Knowing the basics is key
It goes without saying that you should know how the game of football works and have a good understanding of the sports rules, history and background before betting on it. This will give you a solid foundation to work from when gambling and help you understand which bets are likely to be worth taking on. If you plan to bet on local Irish leagues, then it’s crucial to know more about the best teams within them and the latest news around them.

Another basic of Irish football betting to know about are odds. These are usually shown as a fraction, such as 2/1, but may sometimes be seen as a decimal, such as 3.00. Odds simply show how much a bet will payout if it wins.

A €10 wager at 2/1 on Shamrock Rovers to beat Cork City, for example, would return €30, which includes your initial €10 stake plus €20 in winnings. Odds are also key to showing how likely a bet is to win. Odds of 100/1 for example show an event is not very likely to occur, while odds of 1/1 suggest the opposite. Although this is not guaranteed, using odds to determine probability is a tool all Irish football bettors should use.

Football betting markets in Ireland
Football is such a popular sport with Irish bettors because of the large range of leagues, games and competitions there are to wager on. By the same token, the variety in terms of betting markets is also a major plus point. This depth prevents gambling on the sport from getting boring and means you are not confined to taking poor odds on one or two limited markets.

Below are some of the most commonly seen football betting markets you can explore:

 Win – Punters pick which side will win a game.

 Draw – Similar to the win market but you are predicting the game will end in a draw.

 Accumulators – This sort of bet involves multiple individual wagers bundled up into one large wager. Although all bets in the accumulator typically need to win in order for there to be a payout, the potential returns this sort of bet offers makes it popular.

 Prop bets – Prop bets involve making a prediction that a specific event will occur in a game. This could be a certain player to be sent off in a derby game or someone to hit a selected number of shots on goal in the match.

 Correct score – Punters try to correctly predict the final score of a football game. This is hard to do but usually comes with very good odds if you can manage it.

 Over/under – This market is based around predicting that a specific event will happen more or less than a predetermined number of times in a match. Popular examples include over/under a certain number of goals, although over/under markets for corners, free-kicks and cards can also be found.

 Both teams to score – If you cannot be sure who will win but expect each side to find the net at least once, this is a good market to focus on. It not only offers good odds but is easy to find at most sportsbooks.

 Draw no bet – Your bet will payout at the stated odds if the side you back wins but get your stake will be returned if they draw. This is a good market to dive into if you feel a team is very likely to win but want some insurance in case of a late equaliser from the opposition.

 Double chance – This bet allows you to back two outcomes on the same game in one wager.

The beauty is that either outcome pays out at the stated odds.

Research any bets in advance
Once you fully understand how football betting works, as well as the odds and the various markets you could wager on, you should focus on how to find the bets you want to make. Key to this is taking the time to fully research any wagers before placing them.

Doing this avoids you betting when emotions run high and enables you to take a more considered approach to this pastime. There is lots of data freely available online, so there really is no excuse for not looking into any wager properly before making it. Key things to consider include team news, injuries, head-to-head records, recent form, who is playing at home and weather conditions.

If you don’t have the time to research football bets in Ireland properly, then finding the best football bets to make online from reliable tipsters is a good solution. This saves you having to spend time researching bets yourself and gives you a fast way to find the best opportunities to consider.

Responsible gambling key for Irish punters
The last major thing anyone who plans to gamble on football in Ireland should know is how important responsible betting is. This involves betting in a way which is sensible, and helps you get the most enjoyment from it you can.

Responsible gambling can also help you stop when you need a break and to only use money you can afford to wager with. If you also practice good bankroll management and only put a small percentage of your bankroll on each selection, you should be able to bet on football around Ireland in the best way possible.

Football betting in Ireland: An overview
Football is a very popular sport around Ireland, and betting on it is also popular. If you fancy trying this activity out, knowing how it works and what it’s all about is a crucial first step. Hopefully our guide above has all you need to know to begin your football gambling journey in a safe, informed and responsible way.