About us

Our team is in the betting business since 2011. We are a small team of dedicated tipsters working day and night to make sure we offer the great tips.We worked hard, made mistakes, learned and after many years of experience we developed software, tactics, strategies in order to have consistent profit month after month.

What do we offer?

Knowledge, experience and professionalism

We have a vast experience in betting and our main area of expertise is football. We are experienced betting analyzers, tipsters and huge betting fans. Enjoying working this job day in day out and our aim is to help out 1 million people to make constant profit from betting.

Face the truth – there are no fixed games available here like the ones you see on some cheap scam blogs or sites.

Only persons directly involved in game fixing have 100 % confidence. But would they risk and share it for 100 € on some blog/sites? If you believe in fixed matches this website is not for you.

Why us?

The only way to win is smart money management and good value odds. Good tips comes from in depth research, analysis of betting statistics, odds variations, forms and players injuries, team moral, match importance, suspensions and a lot of other factors (closed forums, inside info, etc)

Our team is composed of active members of one of the leading closed community.

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