Serie A - Your Complete Guide

Serie A - Your Complete Guide

Serie A, the top-flight professional football league in Italy, is a captivating spectacle that brings together some of the world's best football clubs and players. With its rich history, passionate fan base, and exceptional talent on display, Serie A continues to enthrall football enthusiasts across the globe. For those in the USA and UK, keeping up with the matches may seem challenging, but fear not! This article provides a comprehensive guide on where and how to watch Serie A in the USA and UK and when the season starts.

Why Serie A?

Serie A has long been renowned for its tactical prowess, defensive solidity, and flair for nurturing exceptional defenders. Italian clubs have dominated the European stage for decades, consistently showcasing their supremacy. Moreover, the league boasts illustrious rivalries between giants like Juventus, Inter Milan, AC Milan, and AS Roma, adding an extra layer of excitement to each fixture.

Where to Watch Serie A


In the USA, Serie A matches are widely available on various platforms, ensuring fans do not miss any action. Here are the primary broadcasters:

ESPN and ESPN+: ESPN has secured the broadcasting rights for Serie A matches in the USA, with some games exclusively streamed on their subscription-based platform, ESPN+.

CBS Sports Network: CBS Sports Network may also cover some Serie A fixtures, providing an alternative option to enjoy the Italian football action.


In the UK, catching Serie A matches has never been easier, with several broadcasters catering to the football-loving audience:

Premier Sports: Premier Sports holds the rights to broadcast most of the Serie A matches in the UK, offering both live coverage and highlights.

FreeSports: Some select games may be available on FreeSports, allowing viewers to watch Serie A without a subscription fee.

How to Watch Serie A in the USA and UK


To watch Serie A in the USA, follow these steps:

ESPN Subscription: Subscribe to ESPN through your cable or satellite provider to access televised games.

ESPN+ Subscription: For exclusive matches, sign up for ESPN+ on their official website and stream the games on various devices.

Online Streaming Services: Several streaming services offer ESPN and ESPN+ in their packages, providing additional flexibility for viewers.


For fans in the UK, watching Serie A is a breeze:

Premier Sports Subscription: Subscribe directly to Premier Sports to watch most Serie A fixtures.

Online Streaming Services: Some online streaming platforms may offer Premier Sports as part of their channel lineup.

FreeSports: Tune in to FreeSports for select Serie A matches without any subscription fee.

When Does Serie A Start?

The Serie A season typically kicks off in late August or early September and runs through May of the following year. However, it is essential to check the official Serie A website or reliable sports news outlets for the most up-to-date information regarding the exact start date, as fixtures may be subject to changes.

Serie A is a footballing spectacle that captivates fans with its tactical brilliance, enthralling rivalries, and world-class talent. If you're in the USA or UK, catching the action is convenient with broadcasters like ESPN, CBS Sports Network, Premier Sports, and FreeSports offering live coverage and online streaming options. So, gather your fellow football enthusiasts and get ready to immerse yourselves in the magic of Serie A, as the next season promises to be another thrilling ride!

Where to Watch Serie A in USA and UK:

In the USA, Serie A matches are primarily broadcasted on ESPN and its streaming service ESPN+. Some games may also be covered by CBS Sports Network.

In the UK, you can watch Serie A matches on Premier Sports, and select games may be available on FreeSports.

Number of Games in Serie A Season:

In a typical Serie A season, each team plays a total of 38 games. This means that there are 20 clubs in the league, and each club faces every other club twice - once at home and once away.

What is Serie A?

Serie A, also known as Serie A TIM due to sponsorship reasons, is the top professional football league in Italy. It was founded in 1898 and is one of the most prestigious football leagues in the world. The league operates on a promotion and relegation system, where the bottom three teams are relegated to Serie B, while the top three teams from Serie B are promoted to Serie A.

Serie A has a rich history and has been home to some of the greatest footballers to have ever played the sport. It is known for its tactical and defensive style of play, and many Italian clubs have achieved significant success in European competitions.

Which Serie A Team Should I Support?

Choosing a Serie A team to support can be a deeply personal decision, and there are several factors you can consider:

Playing Style: If you prefer teams with a solid defense and tactical approach, Italian football might be to your liking. Some clubs, like Juventus and AC Milan, have a history of success and are known for their strong defensive traditions.

Historical Success: Teams like Juventus and AC Milan have a rich history of success in both domestic and European competitions. If you like supporting clubs with a storied past, these might be suitable options.

Rivalries: Serie A boasts intense rivalries between clubs. For example, if you enjoy passionate derby matches, you might consider supporting Inter Milan (Nerazzurri) or AC Milan (Rossoneri) for the Milan Derby.

Underdog Spirit: If you have a soft spot for underdogs, smaller clubs like Atalanta, Sassuolo, or Hellas Verona might be appealing choices.

Player Connections: If you admire specific players, choosing a club based on their squad members can be an excellent way to show support.

Ultimately, the right team for you depends on your preferences and what resonates with you the most. Watch a few matches, research the clubs' histories and values, and let your passion for the sport guide you towards the perfect Serie A team to support!

6. Club Values and Culture: Each Serie A club has its unique set of values and cultural identity. Research the history and values of various clubs to find one that aligns with your own principles and beliefs.

Geographical Connection: If you have a special connection to a particular city or region in Italy, you might consider supporting the local team. This could create a deeper sense of connection and cultural appreciation.

Current Squad and Management: Analyze the current squads and coaching staff of different teams. Some clubs invest heavily in developing young talents, while others rely on experienced players. Choose a team whose style of play and player development philosophy you admire.

Fan Community: The camaraderie and passion among fans can greatly enhance the football experience. Engage with fans of different clubs on social media platforms or attend matches to get a sense of the team's fan community.

Entertainment Factor: Consider the entertainment value of the team's playing style. Some clubs prioritize attacking football, providing exciting matches with lots of goals, while others focus on defensive stability.

Longevity and Loyalty: Supporting a football team is often a long-term commitment. Reflect on your dedication and loyalty to a club over time, as football fandom can be filled with highs and lows.

Influence of Legendary Players: Some clubs have a history of producing legendary players who left a lasting impact on the game. Research the club's footballing legends and their contributions to the sport.

Club Ownership and Financial Stability: Understand the ownership structure and financial stability of the clubs. Supporting a team that is well-managed and financially sustainable can be rewarding in the long run.

Personal Connection: Sometimes, personal connections or stories can influence your choice. Perhaps a family member supports a particular team, or you have fond memories associated with a club.

Blend of Factors: In many cases, the decision to support a team is a combination of several factors. It's okay to take time to explore different clubs and gradually develop an affinity for one that resonates with you on multiple levels.

Remember that supporting a football team is about passion, enjoyment, and forming a sense of community with fellow fans. There's no right or wrong answer, and it's perfectly acceptable to change your allegiance or have multiple favorite teams. So, explore the excitement of Serie A, embrace the culture, and let the journey of football fandom unfold naturally!

16. Club's Social Initiatives: Some Serie A clubs actively participate in social initiatives and community work. If you are passionate about a team that gives back to society and uses its platform for positive change, consider supporting such a club.

Club's Youth Academy: Pay attention to clubs that prioritize youth development and have a successful track record of nurturing young talents. Supporting a team with a strong youth academy can be rewarding as you witness promising players grow and thrive.

Recent Performance: Take into account a club's recent performance in Serie A and other competitions. While success isn't the only factor, it can be exciting to support a team that is currently performing well.

Local Derby Matches: If you enjoy the intensity and drama of local derbies, focus on teams involved in fierce rivalries. Matches like the Rome Derby (AS Roma vs. Lazio) and the Turin Derby (Juventus vs. Torino) are high-stakes encounters worth experiencing.

Club's Ambitions: Consider the ambitions and goals of different clubs. Some may aim to challenge for the league title, while others focus on qualifying for European competitions or avoiding relegation battles.

Club's Support for Women's Football: If you are a supporter of women's football, research clubs that have strong women's teams and actively promote gender equality in the sport.

Club's Stadium and Atmosphere: The stadium and its atmosphere can significantly impact your matchday experience. Look into clubs with iconic stadiums and passionate fan bases for an unforgettable football atmosphere.

Official Merchandise and Gear: Check out the designs and quality of official merchandise and team gear. Sporting your team's colors can be a way to showcase your allegiance proudly.

Interactions with Players and Staff: Follow the players, coaches, and staff of different clubs on social media platforms to see how they interact with fans and engage with the community.

Instinct and Gut Feeling: Sometimes, you just know which team resonates with you the most. Trust your instincts and go with your gut feeling when choosing a Serie A team to support.

Remember, there's no rush to pick a team. Take your time to explore the league, watch matches, learn about the clubs' histories, and interact with fans. Whether you choose a club based on its rich traditions, current squad, or emotional connection, supporting a Serie A team is about embracing the passion of football and becoming part of a vibrant and diverse football community. Enjoy the journey of discovering your ideal Serie A team and cherish the experiences that come with being a devoted football fan!