Sports predictions

Sports predictions

Soccer Predictions
Here you will find our in-depth Soccer predictions and analysis for every game of the major leagues including the MLS and European leagues. Helmed by a team of real trend-watching, data-devouring, sports-fanatic wise guys giving you the who, how, and why behind every Soccer prediction, each week.

The Home Of Free Soccer Predictions For The 2021/22 Season
Soccer is a growing sport in the US with fans of both the domestic MLS action and of the top international leagues growing all the time. With this, the demand for sports betting, and in particular Soccer Betting is also growing quickly. Sportsbooks will offer a wide range of betting markets for all of the top MLS and international soccer action, and the Pickswise experts are here to help you make the most of them. All of our soccer predictions are well-researched and come with full analysis, key stats, and information, and a confidence rating of that soccer prediction. Check out our latest soccer predictions today.

What Are Pickswise’s Soccer Predictions Today?
Each week we cover all of the games in the Premier League, Major League Soccer (MLS), and from the group stages onwards in the Champions League and Europa League. With Pickswise’s international expertise we provide the most informed and best free soccer predictions today.

For each game we have a free soccer prediction on one of the major soccer betting markets such as full-time results, both teams to score or over/under a number of goals in the match. We also have a correct score prediction for each game, which is where our experts predict the exact number of goals each team will score in the game, which can lead to some big odds if those soccer predictions hit. With soccer played around the world both at the weekend and midweek, such as the UCL and Europa League, we have all of the top action covered with our soccer predictions today. Check out today’s soccer predictions right here on the Pickswise Soccer Predictions Page.

Soccer Predictions Tomorrow
We aim to post the majority of our soccer predictions a day ahead so you can look today at our soccer predictions for tomorrow. With soccer team sheets only being made public an hour before kick-off, you need to do your due diligence with team lineups, news, and team vs team matchups before making your soccer predictions. The benefit of posting our soccer predictions for tomorrow, today, is that you have time to digest the research, analysis, and key stats before placing a wager, and you can also get better odds the day before if public money then comes on one side of the line. Some of our picks will be posted on the morning of the game

What Are Pickswise’s Best Soccer Predictions Today
All of our soccer predictions today can be found right here on our soccer predictions page. Here at Pickswise we have global soccer experts and cover the best leagues and competitions around the world such as the Premier League, LA Liga, Bundesliga, Champions League, Europa League as well as the domestic MLS action. With so much soccer played each week, we try to post our predictions the day before to allow for time to research and read our analysis yourselves too. All of our soccer predictions today will come with a confidence indicator by way of a 3-star rating system. 3 stars on a soccer prediction show our experts are more confident on this than a 1-star prediction, and reasoning for this will normally be apparent from our full match preview for every game.

When Do You Post Your Free Soccer Predictions
We try to post our soccer predictions the day before matchday. Some predictions will be posted on match day itself and this could be for a number of reasons, including waiting for key information such as team news and injury updates. We will always post our soccer predictions for every match we cover with plenty of time before kick-off, this allows you to digest our analysis, prediction, and the key match information and trends.

The Best Free Soccer Prediction Site
Our aim is to be the best free soccer prediction site available. We do this by providing soccer expert picks without costing you a dime!

Our experts’ picks will detail their analysis and insight into their picks to help you create winning soccer tickets. Every pick will have a full game preview including the most important stats, trends, and factors in making our soccer picks. All of our soccer picks are posted well ahead of the scheduled kick-off time to give you chance to digest our analysis and lock in the best available odds.

NFL Predictions
Here you will find our in-depth NFL predictions and analysis for every game of the 2021/22 season including our NFL playoff predictions. Helmed by a team of real trend-watching, data-devouring, sports-fanatic wise guys giving you the who, how, and why behind every NFL prediction this season. Be sure to check out all of our expert Super Bowl Predictions in the lead-up to the biggest game of the season.

Free NFL Betting Predictions Explained
The NFL season is a short one, compared to the majority of major sports, at just 17 weeks long the NFL regular season feels as though it’s over in a flash. There are up to 16 games each week and in a relatively short season, it heightens the importance of each game, increasing the interest and making NFL betting by far the most popular sport to wager on in the US. There is almost an infinite amount of ways to wager on a game, but the most popular wager amongst NFL bettors is Against the Spread betting, where you’re taking a team to win by more or lose by less than the spread set by the oddsmakers. Aside from the NFL Against the Spread markets, other popular markets include over unders, parlays, prop bets, daily fantasy sports, or even scoreboard squares, there is a wager type for every kind of football fan.

NFL Predictions Against The Spread
By some margin, the most popular wager amongst NFL bettors, and is unique in that it is widely discussed amongst sportscasters and the media leading up to the matches each week in the NFL. With this type of NFL bet, you’re not simply picking the winner of the game, but for a team to either win by the spread line such as Green Bay -5, where the Packers must win by 6 or you can take the Underdog Pick, and wager on the Packers’ opponents, let’s say the Bears, at +5 so they can either win outright or lose by up to 4 for your ticket to cash. You can also get a push in the ATS markets, where the spread gets it spot on. In the example above, if the Packers win 28-23, regardless of which side of the line you bet its a tie, and your stake is returned as a push. Our expert NFL handicappers will post our NFL Prediction against the spread alongside our previews for every NFL game each week.

Free NFL Over / Under NFL Predictions
NFL over under predictions is a great option for NFL bettors that are either unsure on which team they think will win, or would rather wager on the game as a whole, rather than one team. Rather than betting on one team or another, you’re placing a wager on the combined points totals of the two teams, and whether it will end up over or under the points total line. The NFL over under predictions is an exciting watch because every play and point counts right until the end of the fourth quarter, that garbage-time field goal or touchdown can be the difference in the over or under hitting. So much goes into an NFL over under prediction from team news to schematic matchups, weather conditions, as well as all of the statistical analysis our handicappers conduct, bringing you the best NFL over under predictions throughout the season.

Money Line NFL Predictions
Ask any seasoned NFL bettor and they’ll tell you that ATS betting is exciting, but can also be frustrating. It is important to keep in mind that NFL teams are only looking to win by one and not to cover the spread. Your research could have you on the right side, your team can even win but lose against the spread. Therefore a lot of bettors prefer to keep it simple with a Moneyline wager, here you’re simply betting on a team to win, with no spread involved. Moneyline is also a great way to get better value on underdog picks if you think they’ll not only win on the spread but also outright. The 2019 season was the year of the underdog, where we saw 90 underdogs win on the Moneyline, and you’ll be getting much bigger odds on these Moneyline picks. We highlight all of our top Moneyline NFL predictions throughout the season from those favorites we see as locks and value, to those barking dogs at tasty odds.

NFL Score Predictions
Nfl score predictions are a great way of determining which markets you think may be right for that particular game. Lots of statistical research and number crunching goes into predicting the score of an NFL team but it can give you an edge before looking at the odds, lines, and bets on offer. Check out our NFL Computer Picks page where our computer looks at up to date NFL stats and a whole host of game-specific information to produce the best NFL score predictions for every game.

Expert NFL Predictions This Week
While some sites only focus on those marquee matchups each week, the games when the prime time lights are shining, here at Pickswise we cover every game with our NFL predictions this week. Finding those under the radar matchups that won’t attract as much attention can often bear the sweetest fruits. These matchups can often offer great value odds on markets, and our NFL predictions for this week consider this. Whether it’s an NFL prop bet or a points line that we think may be good value, we will be on hand to make the most of every game on the NFL schedule. Our NFL predictions this week is a great place to get the low down on all of the NFL action this week, and how our experts see them shaping up.

NBA Predictions
NBA predictions for every game of the 2021/22 season. We crunch the numbers, analyze the data, and provide free NBA expert predictions every day of the season. Check out our NBA Best Bets for our top predictions for today’s games.

Free NBA Predictions Today
With 2,460 games played during the NBA season, the action comes thick and fast, all season long and here at Pickswise our team of expert NBA handicappers are on hand for each and every one of them. We have the best free NBA predictions today, every day. With so much basketball played, it’s a huge commitment to research every game of the day in the required detail, so we do it for you. Our experts follow every game, all of the latest news, and crunch all of the player and team statistics to produce the best NBA predictions. Each of our NBA predictions will come with a full analysis and reasoning for a particular prediction, which will include the key stats and trends as to why we like one particular side. Check them out for yourself, with all of our NBA Predictions for today’s matches posted above.

NBA Money Line Predictions
The Moneyline simply means you pick a winner of the game. NBA Moneyline bets are most valuable when wagering on two evenly matched teams. If you’ve got a team like Golden State who wins 65+ of their 82 games in a season, it’s not far-fetched for the Warriors’ Moneyline betting odds to be listed at -650 or more. On the flip side, bets against these upper-echelon teams are a great way to maximize profits when they lose.

NBA Point Spread Predictions
NBA Point Spread Predictions are a great way to combat these at times, lopsided money line odds. With an NBA point spread prediction, you’re not necessarily predicting who will win the match. If you take the favorite on the spread, let’s say the Los Angeles Lakers at -7, then yes, you are predicting the Lakers will win, and win by 8 or more points. When betting the underdog on the point spread, that team can still lose, but cover the spread. Using the same example as above, if a team lost by 6 points, they would still cover the spread as they started +7. With NBA point spread predictions the lines change rather than the odds, the majority of odds in this market will be around -110, which is much more viable than some of the -650 money line odds you’d see in the NBA. We have NBA point spread predictions for every game of the season, and each prediction comes with expert analysis as to why we like one particular side. Check out all of today’s NBA point spread predictions above.

NBA Over Under Predictions
NBA over/under predictions are a great way to wager on a game if you don’t like either side or you predict an exciting end-to-end game or a slow and steady stalemate. With an NBA over/under prediction you’re not betting on the outcome of the match, but instead whether there will be over or under a certain number of points, as set by the sportsbooks. For example, if the sportsbooks have set the line at 210.5 and the match finishes 115-107 the total points scored will be 222, and the over cashes. If the same match had ended 101-104, then a total of 205 points were scored, so the unders cash. It’s also worth remembering that OT points count towards the total, so unders bettors always run this risk. Here at Pickswise, our NBA experts make their NBA Over/under predictions for every game of the season. Each prediction will contain a full breakdown of the lines the key stats and why we like a certain side, as well as a

NBA Game Predictions Today
Here at Pickswise, we have full game predictions on every match of the NBA season. There are many ways in which you can bet on an NBA game, and different bettors will prefer different markets to one another. As such, we preview each game to the fullest. Every game will have a prediction on the money line, against the spread, and on the points totals markets, each accompanied with analysis and key stats. As well as those predictions, we also have our NBA Prop Bets, NBA Parlays, and even NBA Computer Picks, where our supercomputer will run 10,000+ simulations to predict the score and outcome of every match. We really are the home of all things NBA, so check out all of our NBA game predictions today.

NBA Playoff Predictions
In addition to free daily NBA predictions, we also provide insight into the NBA postseason, with our NBA playoff predictions betting. From best of seven quarterfinals matchups to the NBA Championship Finals, there’s nothing quite like the excitement of game seven in the series.

Our expert NBA handicappers will be on hand throughout the NBA playoffs, analyzing each matchup, crunching the data, looking at team form, injuries, and much more to bring you the best free NBA playoff predictions throughout the entire postseason and into the NBA Finals themselves.

Expert Basketball Predictions Today
At Pickswise we have expert basketball predictions on all of today’s action and every game throughout the season. Our experts preview each game with expert betting analysis as well as making our basketball predictions on the main betting markets such as Moneyline predictions, Over/Under predictions, and our most popular predictions Against The Spread.

Check back each day for updated analysis with real-time news, trends, and odds all factored into every expert betting prediction.

More Than Just NBA Predictions Today
We also specialize in every major North American sport at Pickwise, our expert picks include:
--NFL Predictions
--NHL Predictions
--MLB Predictions
--College Football Predictions
--College Basketball Predictions

Check out our site every single day for some of the best bets in every major athletic contest and make sure to follow us on social media as well.

College Football Predictions
Here you will find our in-depth college football predictions and analysis for every game of the 2021/22 season including our college football playoff predictions. Helmed by a team of real trend-watching, data-devouring, sports-fanatics giving you the who, how, and why behind every NCAAF prediction this season.

2022 College Football Predictions Today
The biggest theme of college football betting is finding hidden gems. With tons of college football games heading into the weekend, there are always hidden gems that Vegas tends to miss. Thankfully here at Pickswise, the home of free college football predictions, we unearth those gems and break down our NCAAF predictions for every single game. Our 2021 college predictions cover today’s action from the Power Five conferences, as well as those top-25 nationally, ranked teams with our experts detailing their best predictions across the main college football lines such as the money line, against the spread, and points totals.

Check back each week ahead of the big games for the best free college football predictions today throughout the entire 2021 college football season and into the 2021 College Football Playoffs.

Free Expert NCAAF Predictions
All of our NCAAF predictions are completely free, all season long. We have a team of expert NCAAF handicappers on hand to preview and predict the outcome of every Power 5 or Top-25 ranked match, every week, all season long. Each of these previews come with our expert NCAAF predictions on the three main markets (Money Line, Spreads & Totals) with a full breakdown of why they like a particular side, as well as a confidence rating for each individual NCAAF prediction. You can find every NCAAF predictions throughout the season right here on the NCAAF predictions page, or check out the NCAAF Parlays, or NCAAF Computer Picks pages for even more insight into betting better on College Football this week.

What College Football Predictions Do You Offer?
There are tonnes of College Football across the country with over 130 division 1 teams alone. Here at Pickswise, we cover all games in the Power five conferences and the top 25 teams outside of Power five. This gives you a wide range of free college football predictions to choose from. These include the following teams and conferences, among many others.

Big Ten College Football Predictions
The Big Ten Conference is the oldest Division 1 college football conference and is one of the best in the country. It’s made up of 14 members based in Midwest & Northeast – Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Penn State, Rutgers, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern, Purdue, and Wisconsin. Plus two affiliate members – John Hopkins University and Notre Dame.

Big 12 College Football Predictions
The Big 12 another prestigious Division 1 college football conference and is made up of 10 members based in the South Atlantic, West North Central, and West South Central regions – Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas Christian University, Texas, Texas Tech and West Virginia.

Additionally, the Big 12 has 11 affiliate members – Air Force, Alabama, Denver, California State, Northern Colorado, Northern Iowa, North Dakota State, South Dakota State, Tennessee, Utah Valley, Wyoming.

ACC College Football Predictions
The ACC is a Division 1 conference made up of 15 members from the South and Midwest Regions – Boston College, Clemson, Florida State, Louisville, Notre Dame, Syracuse, Wake Forest, Duke, Georgia Tech, Miami, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Pittsburgh, Virginia, Virginia Polytechnic.

Pac-12 College Football Predictions
The Pac-12 operates on the Western side of the country and is another Division 1 conference. It’s made up of 12 members – Arizona, Arizona State, California, California LA, Colorado Boulder, Oregon, Southern California, Standford, Utah, Washington, Washington State.

SEC College Football Predictions
The final Power Five member is the SEC which has 14 members from the South and Midwest regions competing in Division 1 football – Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Louisiana State, Mississippi, Mississippi State, and Texas A&M.

NCAA Football Today – Today’s NCAAF Predictions
At Pickswise we cover all of the Power Five NCAA football today, with full game previews and, and predictions brought to you by our college football experts. A typical college football season runs from August to December and is preceded by the College Football Bowl Season and College Football Playoffs which culminates in The College Football Playoff National Championship game in January. We cover all of the Power 5 and Top-25 ranked teams, all season long, so check out our expert NCAAF predictions today.

College Football Predictions Against The Spread
College Football predictions against the spread are by some margin the most popular type of college football wager each week. With hundreds of matches played on any given weekend, and big schools vs small schools, the spread is a leveller that allows us to wager on both sides of these games. Its not uncommon to see spreads get into the 50’s when you get a team like Clemson hosting a smaller school and that’s a lot of points to conceded, regardless of who you are. Our NCAAF predictions against the spread come with analysis of both teams, the storylines, the key stats, injury news and more to explain why our experts like that particular prediction. Check back each week throughout the season to see our experts’ best college football predictions against the spread this weekend.

College Football Playoff Predictions 2022-23
Our College Football Playoff predictions for the 2022-23 season are two-fold with our experts highlighting their best predictions on who will make the playoffs, and also making individual game predictions throughout the College Football Playoff itself.

The college football playoff is typically made up of two semi-final matchups with the winner of each semifinal advancing to The College Football Playoff National Championship game.

The 2021 Playoff Semi-finals are scheduled for Friday, December 31, 2021, with the Goodyear Cotton Bowl and the Capital One Orange Bowl. The winners will then progress to The College Football Playoff National Championship game which is scheduled to take place on Monday, January 10, 2022, at Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis.

College Football Bowl Predictions
We will have college football bowl predictions for every bowl game of the 2021-22 season. So if you’re looking to bet on the college football postseason action Pickswise has you covered.

While the landscape of the college football postseason and bowl games is not yet clear, the NCAA seems committed to having as close to a normal season as possible with those teams and conferences that remain committed to playing football this fall.

Our college football experts will be on hand to provide the best free, insightful college football bowl predictions including all of the games in the New Year’s six – Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Cotton Bowl Classic, Peach Bowl, and Fiesta Bowl.

NCAAF Predictions This Week
The best way to have success with college football betting is by finding those under-the-radar games that do not draw as much public betting interest.

Our week-to-week college football predictions are the best ways to get a breakdown and insight into all of the games on a college football slate. We cover so many games, there’s always a hidden gem of value knocking around.

College Basketball Predictions
College basketball predictions for the 2021/22 season. Get college basketball expert predictions against the spread and over/under for every game involving a Power 5 Conference, or Top 25 team. Check out our College Basketball Best Bets for our top plays on today’s games.

The Home Of Free College Basketball Predictions For The 2021/22 Season
College basketball predictions for the 2021/22 season. Our experts will be on hand all season long to crunch the numbers, trends, news, and much more ahead of making our college basketball predictions for all of the top action.

Unlike many places that will only focus on March Madness, here at Pickswise we have you covered all season long. From our Futures Predictions to non-conference play, conference play, championship week, or March Madness itself, our college basketball experts have all the information you need to Bet Better.

Our college basketball predictions include a prediction on which way the spread will end, as well as which side of the over/under points totals we like. Each of our predictions will be accompanied by a detailed analysis including our reasoning and the key stats and information ahead of the game. Check out our college basketball predictions for today.

Free College Basketball Predictions Explained
There are 353 Division I college basketball teams, and this means we have plenty of opportunities to make the best college basketball predictions, at the best odds. With so many games played every day, its impossible for the sportsbooks to nail every single one, and just as difficult for a sports bettor to put the required time into each match to cover all bases and make the best prediction. That’s where Pickswise comes to the fore. Here at Pickswise, we have industry-leading college basketball handicappers who analyze every game to provide the best insight and expert predictions, for free. We leave no stone unturned and this can be seen in each of our match previews, which details why we like our predictions and the key stats and information to back that up.

College Basketball Predictions For Today
Because we are the home of free expert college basketball predictions, we have a team dedicated to finding the best possible bets, odds, and predictions for the college basketball games today. This means you don’t have to do all of the research yourself. You can trust our experts to give out the best college basketball predictions for today. Our predictions are always well-researched and detailed coming with full analysis and a breakdown of each prediction made on that game.

With so many games, you cant wager on all of our college basketball predictions for today, so why not be selective and start with our experts’ College Basketball Best Bets.

Free College Basketball Predictions Against The Spread (ATS)
College Basketball Predictions Against The Spread are undoubtedly the most popular type of college basketball wager, and thus, our most popular college basketball prediction too. Against the spread betting isn’t about predicting the winner of a college basketball game, it’s about predicting the team who will cover the spread. The favorite will be given a negative points start, with the underdog getting a points headstart.

For example, you could take Duke -10 or Michigan State +10, if Duke only wins by 9 then Michigan State will cover the spread, but if they win by 11 or more, then Duke will cover the spread.

The spread is there to level the field and attract bettors into both sides, making it even more tricky than a straight Moneyline wager, but the odd are often around -110 which can make it a lucrative prediction. All of our College Basketball predictions come will full analysis including key stats and trends, as well as a confidence rating in that prediction. Check out this week’s free College Basketball Predictions Against The Spread, now.

NCAA Tournament Predictions – March Madness 2022
The culmination of the college basketball season is a unique and extraordinary phenomenon, March Madness. An aptly named college basketball competition as the madness, quite literally, sweeps the nation. Even those who paid little to no interest in the regular-season find themselves filling brackets and tuning in for the three-week-long tournament.

A 68 team single-elimination tournament that holds 67 games over 21 days. Here at Pickswise, we will have March Madness 2022 Predictions for every game of the tournament, alongside our pre-tournament analysis and best bets, all of the latest news stories including those big upsets, so you won’t miss a game without a pick.

More Than Just College Basketball Predictions
At Pickswise we don’t just cover College Basketball Predictions, collegiate sports fans will be pleased to know we also have free weekly expert College Football Predictions too.

We also have expert handicappers for each of the professional sports in North American including picks for every game of the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL seasons. Check out all of our sports betting picks today.

Free Expert Tennis Predictions Explained
Our free expert tennis predictions are available on all of the top tennis action from the ATP and WTA tours. The bulk of our tennis predictions will be on the main three markets, which are our Moneyline predictions, Against the Spread predictions, and Over Under Total Set Predictions. Alongside these most popular tennis markets, our predictions will also include our favorite tennis prop bet predictions which can range from the Most Aces, Most Double Faults, Number of Set Breaks, or Total Number Of Games. There are many ways to bet on Tennis and our experts research every game in great detail to find the best value tennis predictions on each game. Check out all of today’s tennis predictions right now.

What are Pickswise’s Tennis Predictions Today?
You can find all of today’s tennis predictions right here on the tennis predictions page. Our daily predictions will include the main three tennis markets (Moneyline, Set Betting, and Total Sets) as well as a select number of prop bets that our experts like for a particular game or tournament. All of these predictions are meticulously researched and our previews include this analysis as well as the key stats and trends ahead of the match. Check out all of today’s tennis predictions above.

Tennis Moneyline Predictions – Tennis Predictions 1×2
Unquestionably the most popular way to wager on tennis is via our tennis Moneyline predictions. The tennis Moneyline prediction is simply a bet on who will win the match. With no ties in tennis, it’s a 2-way Moneyline in which you’re either right or wrong, win or lose. The lack of parity at times in tennis can see there be very short odds favorites on the Moneyline, so finding consistent good value predictions away from the obvious is where you must focus. Here at Pickswise, that’s what we do. Most people can figure out Djokovic has a good chance of winning in the first round, but at odds of -50000, it’s hardly a play. Our handicappers watch every morsel of tennis action and possess that expert knowledge of the tour players away from the spotlight, and where they excel. This allows us to make the best tennis predictions all season long. Check out today’s tennis Moneyline predictions now.

Over Under 2.5 Sets Tennis Predictions
Away from grand slam tennis, the majority of matches will be played over 3 sets, meaning the possible scores are 2-1 or 2-0 either way. Betting on the total number of sets is pretty much a decision of will the match be a whitewash, or will both players at least win one set. There are many factors into making an over/under 2.5 sets tennis prediction, including current form, head-to-head form, and surface form just to name a few. Our experts include a full preview and reasoning with every over under 2.5 set prediction, detailing why they think Player A will whitewash Player B or why they think the match will go to a decider. The margins are fine in tennis and finding good value spots in this market is key to making a profit long term. Check out all of our over under 2.5 set tennis predictions every day, right here on the Tennis Predictions page.

ATP Men’s Tennis Predictions
Our tennis experts follow every bit of the action from the ATP Tour, and with a busy schedule, this involves a lot of time and research. Our experts dig into players’ recent form, surface form, previous form at this tournament, and head-to-head form, amongst other factors ahead of making our men’s tennis predictions. Each of our men’s tennis predictions, be it for an outright tournament winner, a player to reach the quarter-finals, or to win a match, will be accompanied by full analysis, all of the key stats, and the reason we like someone in that particular spot. Be sure to check out this week’s Men’s tennis predictions today.

WTA Women’s Tennis Predictions
Similar to the ATP Tour the WTA women’s tennis tour has a busy schedule with a large number of games played throughout a tournament. The WTA Tour has also been much tougher to bet on historically, with the margins in matches seemingly even finer than on the men’s tour where Federer, Djokovic, and Nadal have dominated for decades. With this in mind, researching the WTA women’s tennis tournaments and matches, ahead of our WTA predictions is even more important. Knowing the players, the tour, their strengths, weaknesses, current form, favored surfaces, and much more is key in deciding who can be profitable to follow, or who will win a given match. Our experts at pickswise are here to do that for you. We follow every morsel of action on the WTA women’s tour and put in hours of research ahead of making our women’s tennis predictions. Check out this week’s WTA Women’s tennis predictions, today.

Tennis Predictions Correct Score
Another great way to have a wager on a tennis match is through our Tennis Predictions Correct Score. Correct Score tennis predictions are just what the name suggests, not only trying to predict the outcome of the match, i.e the winner, but also the correct score. The majority of Tennis matches will be played over 3 sets, so you are taking a player to win either 2-0 or 2-1 depending on how close you think the game will be. At the Grand Slam Tournaments, of which there are four, in the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and U.S Open men’s matches are played over 5 sets, so the correct score predictions are slightly trickier but often come with better odds.

UFC Predictions
UFC predictions tonight. Get UFC predictions and advice from expert UFC handicappers for every mixed martial arts event. Scroll down to get tonight’s UFC predictions for the entire card, including our UFC prelims predictions.

There’s a new sport of kings and the popularity of mixed martial arts is largely being driven by the UFC. In the most straightforward terms, UFC predictions involve predicting which of the two fighters will win each fight on a certain card. There are dozens of other ways to wager on MMA fighting, and we’re on hand to find the best value MMA predictions every week. Check out our handy expert guides below for more on how and where to bet on the UFC.

UFC Predictions Explained
There are many different ways you can bet on this weekend’s UFC action, and many different UFC predictions you can make. As with most sports bets, the most popular type of UFC prediction is on the outcome of the fight, also known as the Moneyline. With the Moneyline in UFC, the method of victory is irrelevant and you are simply betting on the winner of the fight. Method Of Victory is also another popular bet type, where you are predicting a fighter to win by a certain method such as KO or submission. Aside from these main two methods, you can also make UFC predictions on the number of rounds a fight will last, and even detailed props such as Significant Strikes landed, Successful Takedowns, or the Fight To go The Distance. Here at Pickswise, our experts are on hand with our bets UFC Predictions ahead of each event. Check out this week’s UFC predictions now!

UFC Predictions Tonight
The UFC is great for having stacked fight cards and come fight night, sports bettors will be looking for the best UFC Predictions tonight. Here at Pickswise, that’s exactly what we provide. With our industry-leading UFC handicappers running through the entire fight cards including the Early Prelims, Prelims, and the Main Card, our fight previews and predictions come with full analysis and detailed stats and trends about the upcoming fight. Our level of expertise allows us to make the best UFC predictions on the fights that might not make the headlines as well as the biggest fights in the sport. Researching all of these fights is a time-consuming task, we research the fights so you don’t have to. Check out our UFC predictions tonight, right here on the UFC predictions page.

UFC Fight Night Predictions
UFC Fight Night events are typically once-monthly events and are often headlined by the UFC stars of the future, rather than the current household names. This is where our experts thrive. With these smaller events and lesser-known fighters, we can get an edge over the sportsbooks and capitalize on the odds they offer. Our UFC handicappers live and breathe all things UFC and having an understanding of the fighters on these smaller cards can give our UFC Fight Night Predictions the edge. Our handicappers will preview all of the top UFC Fight Night action providing insight, analysis, and key stats alongside all of our UFC Night Predictions.

UFC Prelims Predictions
Our UFC Prelims Predictions are where you can find some of the biggest hidden gems. With all the eyes and lights on the headline shows, the preliminary fights tend to be contested by the up-and-coming fighters, the next stars of the UFC, and, to the casual UFC fan, most of these will be names they aren’t overly familiar with. Here at Pickswise, we specialize in all things UFC and this helps us get the edge with our UFC Prelims Predictions. Our Prelims predictions are exactly the same as our Main Card predictions and come with full analysis including all of the key fight stats and trends. Check back each week for aloof our UFC predictions including those UFC prelim predictions to start the night off on the right foot.

When Are Your UFC Fight Predictions Posted
Our UFC predictions are typically posted on the day before the fight, following the weigh-in and final press conferences. By waiting until this point, we can maximize the information we can obtain leading up to a fight. One of the great things about the UFC is the access which it grants the media, with plenty of press during fight week and access to the weigh-in, we can find clues as to the shape of the fighters and the type of camp they’ve had. While the fighters won’t give away too much, eluding to a tricky prep or looking slim on the scales could be enough of a factor when making a UFC fight prediction. All of this will be in our full fight preview and analysis, along with key stats such as punch data and takedown success, so check out this weekend’s UFC fight predictions now.

How To Predict UFC Fights
There are so many ways to try and predict a UFC fight and each handicapper will have their own method. Unlike boxing for example, where you will have huge favorites, at times in excess of -5000, the UFC is a much more volatile sport, and upsets do happen. Styles make fights a phrase used amongst the UFC community and it rings true in betting as well. You need to figure out what each fighters’ strengths and weaknesses are, what style of fighter they are, and figure out who they give the advantage to. Take a look at a great wrestler and grappler such as Daniel Cormier, who is used to mauling opponents, but when facing Jon Jones, who has a great takedown defense, DC’s biggest weapon was negated and Jones is always favored in that spot if the fight stays on the feet. While it’s not quite that simple in predicting a UFC fight, it’s a good starting point. Our expert handicappers will combine this with hours of film study, crunching advanced stats metrics, watching the press conferences and weigh-ins, and more to build a complete picture of the fight before making a prediction. All of this can be found in our fight preview alongside our prediction, so check out this week’s UFC predictions now.

MLB Predictions
The home of our MLB Predictions. Here we dive into all of the key MLB stats, trends, matchups, Lineups, pitching matchups and so much more to make the most informed free MLB predictions today. Our MLB betting predictions will include MLB run line predictions, as well as Money line plays and even Over/Under Total Runs for each game.

Free MLB Predictions Explained
The MLB season is a long one, with 162-games totaling 2,430 regular season matches. Doing the necessary research on every game is a long and detailed process, and that’s where the experts here at Pickswise come in. Our daily MLB predictions cover every angle of every game from opening day through to the World Series. Each MLB prediction will have a full analysis for the pick as well as all of the need-to-know facts and figures about today’s MLB matchups. There are many ways to bet on an MLB game and our MLB predictions offer a wide variety of bet types to cater for kinds of sports bettors. The majority of our MLB predictions will be from the Money Line, Run Line, or Run Totals markets, but we also break down our favorite MLB Prop Bets and our daily MLB Parlay Picks.

Money Line MLB Predictions
MLB Money Line Predictions is the simplest way of betting on Major League Baseball. When betting the money line, you are simply taking the odds offered for that given team to win the match, usually including extra innings. The beauty of betting the MLB Moneyline predictions is that all you need is the team to win, and not cover the run line spread. It’s easy to forget that teams are happy to win by 1 run, of course, a blowout victory is much nicer and less stressful, but sport doesn’t always work out that way. Betting the MLB Predictions on the money line is also a great way to get good value on an underdog if we or you like them to win outright in a particular spot. Baseball is a game of parity and while across the season the best tend to separate themselves from the rest, it remains that anyone can beat anyone, on any given day. We highlight our favorite MLB Predictions on the money line every day so check back for those favorites and barking dogs we like on today’s slate.

MLB Predictions Against The Spread – MLB Run Line Predictions
The spread in baseball is known as ‘the run line’ where teams will start with + or – runs and have to cover that spread for the bet to cash. Many MLB bettors feel there isn’t much value laying -200 on an all-star pitcher because even the best pitchers in the league can turn the game over to his bullpen and completely change the game and lose. Therefore, betting on MLB Predictions on the run line (-1.5 or +1.5) is a great way to find better MLB odds. The Dodgers when starting Clayton Kershaw pick or Trevor Bauer on the ML for example might be -240 but betting that same game on the -1.5 run line could be priced at -110. The argument is that if the Dodgers are on form they should win by more than 2 regardless so take them to cover instead of just scraping home for the win. The MLB Predictions on the run line also work the other way. There are a lot of close games that go deep into the 9th inning or even extra innings, in these circumstances having +1.5 on the underdog is great as your team losing by 1 would still cash on the run line.

Free MLB Over / Under Total Runs Predictions
MLB Predictions on the Over/Under total run line is a great way for MLB bettors that are either unsure on which side they think will win or cover, or those who like to bet on a game without rooting for one side. Unlike the Run line or the money line where you’re betting on a team to either cover the spread or win outright, the MLB Predictions on the total runs allow you to wager on whether there will be a combined total of runs over or under the line set by sportsbooks. The MLB predictions on the over/under run line is also an exciting watch, especially when betting the over as you’re not out of it under the final pitch. Conversely, the unders can be a nervy watch if runs are scored early and you need the teams to go cold down the stretch. Lots of research goes into our MLB predictions on the Run Totals with many factors such as team news pitcher matchups, bull-pen rotation, the weather conditions, and the ballpark all big factors in weighing up which side you should be on. All of this statistical analysis that our handicapper’s conduct is freely available with all of our MLB predictions throughout the entire season.

Expert MLB Predictions Today
The MLB season is a long one but the games come around thick and fast. With 2,430 total regular-season games, 162 per team, there are baseball matches played pretty much every day from opening day to the MLB playoffs and beyond. Our expert MLB handicappers stay on top of all of it. We bring the best free expert MLB Predictions today throughout the entire season. All of our MLB Predictions today will be accompanied by a full match preview, including team stats, player stats, and reasoning for our MLB Prediction. Along with that we also have confidence ratings so you can quickly and easily find our Best MLB Bets Today in amongst the at time hectic MLB schedule. Our MLB predictions today are a great place to start for your daily MLB wagering, with the full scheduling details including the best odds, start times, and other key matchup information all in one place.

MLB Futures & MLB Playoff Predictions
The MLB baseball season is a hectic one. With each team playing 162 matches in the regular season, amounting to 2,430 league-wide matches, it’s impossible and highly unrecommended to wager on them all. One way that people like to wager on the MLB season without having to research the daily matchups is on MLB Futures markets and into the MLB Playoff Predictions.
There are many ways in which you can wager on MLB Futures at various points throughout the season, with the most popular being the Outright World Series Winners, but also on Divisional and Conference champions too. You can also wager on MLB Futures Prop Bets which are either team or player-based and are typically based on the number of wins a team will get, or stats leaders in strikeouts, hits, or Home Runs. If prop bets, be it team or player are to your liking be sure to check out our MLB Prop Bets Page for our best MLB Props today and on the futures markets.

2022 World Series Predictions
30 teams start on Opening Day with the same goal of winning it all. Unfortunately for 29 of them, they won’t and some teams have a much more realistic chance of winning the MLB World Series than others. you can bet on the World Series immediately after the season comes to a close, and can continue to do so right through the season and into the MLB playoffs. The odds for each team will fluctuate in the off-season due to player trades, and team news and then continue to move up and down in relation to team performance throughout the season. Our expert handicappers will provide analysis and expert world series predictions leading up to the start of the season, and always provide regular World Series predictions and betting odds updates throughout the 2022 season.

NHL Predictions
Free Expert NHL Predictions on every game of the 2021/22 NHL season. We crunch the numbers, analyze the data, and provide free NHL predictions every day of the regular season and throughout the NHL Playoffs and Stanley Cup Finals.

NHL Predictions Today
We provide insight into each game of all 32 teams’ seasons. This includes sides, puck lines, and totals based on trends, injuries, schedule, value, and more. There’s a lot of hockey being played on each and every night which is why our free expert NHL picks are so valuable.

NHL Predictions Against the Spread
Similar to MLB Picks against the spread, the NHL Picks against the spread remain at a set puck line of +/- 1.5 depending on if you’re looking at the favorite or the underdog, and instead of the line moving, the odds do. It is a popular way to bet on NHL games as they can offer more value to a strong favorite you like or give you that edge is what we or you foresee as being a close-fought game. Our NHL Predictions against the spread will always come with full match analysis and reasoning, as well as a star to indicate our experts’ confidence in the prediction. Check out our NHL Predictions against the spread right here on our NHL Predictions page all season long.

Free NHL Over / Under Predictions
Our Free NHL Over/Under Predictions, sometimes referred to as NHLTotals Predictions are an exciting way to wager on a game where you don’t like either side or want to remain neutral. The NHL over/under predictions are on the total match goals by both teams combined. Depending on the matchup the line will be set in the region of over/under 5.5 or 6.5 goals, but they can be higher. All of our NHL over/under predictions come fully researched and with a full breakdown of why our experts like a particular side of the line. Within this analysis, we’ll include the key stats, team news, player news, and historical matchup information. Check out all of today’s NHL over/under Predictions right here on our NHL Predictions page.

NHL Playoff Predictions 2021/22
In addition to free NHL regular season picks, we also provide a detailed breakdown of every single matchup in the postseason. NHL postseason betting is thrilling because each game of a series is crucial and players leave it all on the ice – many times needing OT (or many OTs) to finally decide a winner.

NHL Stanley Cup Predictions
Here at Pickswise, we don’t just excel in our day-to-day NHL predictions, but also on those longer-term investments, including our NHL Stanley Cup Predictions. You can bet on the Stanley Cup winner market almost as soon as the previous season has concluded and before the confetti has even hit the ice. We’ll bring in our expert NHL handicappers at various stages throughout the year to sprinkle some of their wisdom into NHL Stanley Cup Predictions from before the season starts, during the regular season, and into the NHL Playoffs themselves. Betting on Stanley Cup Predictions at these various times offer different positives such as better odds earlier in the year, but more data and information towards the end of the regular season, and balancing the two to find the best value NHL Stanley Cup Predictions is what we do!

How To Predict NHL Games
There are many ways in which you can predict the outcome of an NHL game, and there is no right or wrong method, per se, but putting in the required effort into your research is something you can’t compromise on. In a typical season, each team will play 82 games which amount to 1,271 total regular-season games, and with a whole host of data, news, and information to break down for every single one, it’s a lot of work to ensure you’re confident in your research and due diligence. This is where Pickswise excels. We have an industry-leading team of NHL handicappers who put in the hours so you don’t have to. With years of experience wagering on games, we find the best value NHL predictions and each one comes with full analysis and reasoning for that particular play. Each of our NHL predictions will be published with plenty of time to spare so you can digest the information, and take a look at the matchup yourself, all in time to lock in the best possible odds out there.

Looking For Different NHL Predictions Tonight?
If you’re tired of betting on the same NHL markets day in, day out then don’t worry. We have you covered.

NHL Parlays are a very popular option on both Moneyline and puck line plays. The ‘grand salami’ is available to wager, where you bet on all teams at once – and whether they all combine to score ‘over’ or ‘under’ a certain amount of goals.

NHL Prop Bets are a fun bet to make on NHL games. You can bet on a player to score a goal, a player to score a point, have an assist, first and last goalscorer. For goalie props, you can bet on over/under saves.

NHL Live betting is also becoming very popular with the rise of online sportsbooks. You can wager on each period line, as well as on dynamic changing odds whilst watching the action happen live.

KBO Predictions
Get today’s KBO baseball predictions, all season long. Our experts give their Korean baseball predictions for all of the top KBO action, including our daily KBO Parlay from the scheduled matches. Scroll down to view today’s best KBO predictions now.

KBO Baseball Predictions Explained
The Korean Baseball Organization, or KBO, is the professional Korean baseball league, which consists of just 10 teams. With only a third of the teams in the MLB, the season is understandably shorter and plays just 144 total regular-season games each year. Here at Pickswise, we have a team of KBO baseball experts that are on hand all season long to make our KBO predictions ahead of every game. Unlike the MLB where you will have hundreds of markets available on every game, the KBO betting markets tend to include the Moneyline, Against the Spread, and Totals, as well as a select number of prop bets. We specialize in KBO predictions against the spread and KBO totals predictions and will have a prediction for each of these markets ahead of every game. Our predictions will always be accompanied by a full preview, including expert analysis and the important match stats and trends. Check out today’s KBO predictions right here on the KBO predictions page.

Best KBO Predictions Today
With 10 teams, every KBO gameday has 5 matches and we will see an average of 25-30 matches played each week of the regular season. Even with a smaller sample of games, it is vital to be selective in your KBO predictions and wagers to see a long-term profit. To aid this, our KBO experts add a confidence rating alongside each KBO prediction which will range from 3 stars to 1 star. A 3-star play is our most confident play and can be used to find our best KBO prediction for today. All of our confidence ratings and previews will be published ahead of time so you can digest the information and lock in the best possible odds for our KBO predictions today.

KBO Moneyline Predictions
The most popular way to bet on the KBO is via the Moneyline. With a shortened schedule and only 10 teams, bettors love to hammer the money line. The Moneyline simply means you are betting on one team to win.

For example, you may see the odds look something like this.

NC Dinos (-140)

Samsung Lions (+120)

In this example, the NC Dinos are favorites to win the match. The Moneyline favorite will always be the team KC Dinos at -140 odds you’d need to risk $140 to win $100 over the Samsung Lions. This means, if the Dinos beat the Lions, you will be paid a total of $240 ($140 of investment, and $100 of winnings) On the flip side If the Dinos lose the game, the $140 bet would count as a loss. If you were to place a $100 bet on the Samsung Lions to win at +120, the return would be $220 ($100 of investment, and $120 of winnings)

Our free KBO Moneyline predictions help you identify the best spots to bet on the Moneyline be is on a solid favorite or a live barking dog. All of our predictions will come with full analysis including the best odds available from the top online sportsbooks.

KBO Predictions Against The Spread
Like any sports betting event, there will be a favorite and an underdog, and betting favorites on KBO matches can offer you very short odds. Betting our KBO predictions against the spread is an ideal way to counter that. The spread in baseball is known as the run line and this typically means one team will start with a -1.5 run start and the other, the underdog will start with a +1.5 run start. This will bring the odds closer together, so instead of taking a team -250 on the Moneyline, you can take them at -100 on the spread for a bigger odds play. Conversely, you can also take the underdog if you think they’ll keep the game close and be more assured knowing you have a +1.5 run start f they do lose a close one or just sneak in an upset victory. Making winning predictions on the run line is more difficult than the simplicity of the Moneyline, but our free KBO predictions against the spread dive into the best trends and analytics to find the best value for KBO spread lines. Check out today’s KBO predictions against the spread today!

Free KBO Over / Under Run Totals Predictions
Our KBO match previews also include the prediction on the totals line. Betting on the Totals is a simple way to place a wager on the game without necessarily betting on the winner or loser. Instead, you are betting on whether the total match runs will hit over or under the line set by sportsbooks.

For example, you may see the line

NC Dinos vs. Kia Tigers – O/U 11 runs – Over -104 Under -11

Here the line is set at 11 runs, so you can bet for there to be 12 or more runs, the over at -104 odds, or if you like there to be 10 or fewer runs you can take the under at -118 odds. If the match ends on 11 runs exactly, in this case, it would be a push, which is effectively a void bet, you have your stake returned. To counter this, most sportsbooks will add a .5 to the line so 11.5 or 10.5 to avoid the possibility of a tie.

A lot goes into researching totals predictions, as you are balancing the performance of both teams and the things that will affect how that particular match will be played. This will include everything from starting pitchers, batting lineups, dimensions of the ballpark, and even the weather. With so much going on around the prediction of each total be sure to read our full analysis and reasoning for each prediction ahead of doing your own research.

What Are ESports predictions
Esports is the shortened name for electronic sports, which is the name for competitive video gaming. Video gaming, streaming and Esports have exploded onto the scene, with the likes of Twitch allowing millions of users to watch along live, Esports is now as accessible as its ever been. Our team of Esports experts follow ever morsel of action from all of the top tiles include CS:GO, Dota 2, and League of Legends, to name a few, and make the best free ESports predictions out there. Our ESports predictions will highlight our best on the upcoming tournaments and matches, as well as highlighting the best available betting odds from the top online sportsbooks. Check out all of our current ESports predictions, right here on the ESports predictions page, today!

Esports Betting Predictions
There are many ways in which you can bet on Esports and our ESports predictions cover all of these variations. With so many games now played competitively and available to bet on, we cover a whole host of games in our predictions as well as the various different markets made available for each game. The majority of ESports predictions will follow the same template of Moneyline, spreads, and totals like other sports betting, but there are also unique markets for each game such as the number of maps won, first kill, the last kill, and so on. Our experts have all of these markets in mind when previewing a match or tournament, and highlight the best value predictions in our analysis. Check out our most recent ESports predictions and analysis right here.

When Do you Post Your ESports predictions
The time in which we post our ESports predictions will largely depend on how soon the sportsbooks ake odds available, and that usually depends on the schedule and how many matches are being played. This will differ from game to game and tournament to tournament, but we will usually be able to post our ESports predictions at least the day before so that you have time to digest our analysis and seek out the best possible odds for our predictions.

What Games Do Your Esports Betting Predictions Cover?
With so many games across a number of consoles, there is not a day that goes by where there isn’t an Esports tournament taking place.

Some of the most popular Esports games to bet on are first-person shooters and battle arena style games.

CSGO Predictions Esports (Counter Strike: Global Offensive)
A multiplayer first-person shooter where the game pits two teams against each other: the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists. The object of the game is to eliminate the other team whilst completing separate objectives.

Dota 2 Predictions Esports
A multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game where two teams of five players compete as a different character, known as a hero to occupy and defend their own base. Players collect experience points and items for their heroes to defeat the opposing team’s heroes. A team wins by destroying the other teams’ Ancient, a large structure within their base.

LoL Predictions Esports (League of Legends)
Another multiplayer online battle arena game where players assume the role of a champion with unique abilities. They battle against a team of other players with the goal of destroying the opposing team’s Nexus, a structure that lies in their base.

Other popular games are Fortnite, Halo, Call of Duty, StarCraft, StarCraft II, King of Glory, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Super Smash Bros, and Overwatch.

If you like betting on sports then these games may interest you:

FIFA Predictions Esports
A Soccer game where players compete in a match against an opponent, just like a normal game of soccer.

Madden Predictions Esports

A well-known game to NFL fans named after pro football hall of fame coach and commentator John Madden. Players compete in a football game against an opponent.

NBA2k Predictions Esports
Another well-known game to NBA and basketball fans where players compete against each other on the court to determine a winner.

Rocket League Predictions Esports
Rocket League is described as a soccer game, but with rocket-powered cars. It has up to four players assigned to each of the two teams, and the objective of the game is to use the rocket-powered vehicles to hit the ball into the opponent’s goal to score points.